Derek Jeter- Memories From The Past

September 25th, 2014

I’ve got a lot of thoughts on today and what it means to Yankees fans, the city of New York, fans of Major League Baseball around the world, and myself. But since today is not Derek’s last official game, I’ll save all of the sappy stuff for Sunday. For now, I’ll just give you one of my many favorite memories of Derek Jeter.

This memory did not take place in the Bronx at Yankee Stadium or in Boston at Fenway Park. This memory did not take place at a Major League Stadium at all. This memory came at Tanner Park in Commack, New York.

The year was 2001 (I think) and I was about 12 years old. I was playing a tournament baseball game and I was playing shortstop for the North Babylon Bulldogs. Can’t remember the inning, the score, if we were winning or losing but I do remember one particular play during the game. One particular play that defined the kind of player I always envisioned myself becoming.

I’m at shortstop playing about normal depth. Kid at the plate hits a ground ball in the hole to my right. I immediately shift my feet and start running towards it. My 3rd basemen shuffles to his left to try and snag the ground ball, misses it by a few feet. There I am right behind him. I backhand the ball securely in my glove, make the transfer to my throwing hand, push off my left foot and leap in the air. At the highest point of my jump, I fire the ball to first base as I drifting towards the edge of infield dirt/outfield grass. The ball is about half way towards first base as I land back on my feet. I watch as the hitter is sprinting towards first, him not knowing if he’ll make it or not. But I knew. I knew as soon as the ball left my hand. I knew because I’v seen this exact play executed many times before in absolute perfection by the one athlete who I idolized for as long as I could remember. Derek Jeter has thrown out many players executing this very play, the Jump Throw and on that day back in 2001, so would I. The ball connects with my first basemen’s glove as the runner take 1 or two more steps as he runs through the bag. The umpire throws up his fist as he yells “out”. It was the 3rd out to be exact. I get a fantasic ovation from not only my teammates and family watching but from the opposing team and theirs families as well. I start jogging in towards our dugout as i’m high fiving all of my teammates.


Now for anyone who doesn’t know me or knew me back then, I was not a big kid at all. Very short and thin so needless to say, I didn’t look very imposing out there. Opposing players for obvious reason did not expect a lot from a small guy like me. To them it must of been an incredible accomplishment what I just pulled off. Now, I’m hearing these things as I reach the dugout. I get congratulatory high fives from my coaches, including my father. He might of been the only one who wasn’t THAT impressed only because him and I have been working on that play for years and he knew it was only a matter of time for me to execute it perfectly. Regardless, I knew how proud he was to see me make the play and record the out.

He gives me a playful pat on the head as I take a seat in the dugout. I sit back and start taking it in. Not the play really itself but the comments I received immediately following it. The fact that I had other people comparing me to Derek Jeter, even if it was only for one play, was something incredibly special. This is the guy that I idolized as a player. Everything that he did, I wanted to do. The way he hit, catch, throw, field, run. He was the guy I wanted to model myself after while on a baseball field.

I remember that moment because ever since I could remember, I’ve always did my best to carry myself like Derek Jeter has. With class, respect, and play to the best of abilities each and every game. Moments like that, that is why Derek Jeter has and will continue to have an incredible impact on my life.

Thank you Derek Jeter.

To be continued…. JETER

Robinson Cano: The Return to Yankee Stadium

Lets break it down real quick regarding Robinson Cano:

7 years – $175,000,000 New York Yankees

10 years – $240,000,000 Seattle Mariners

Those numbers above ARE the bottom line. That is the exact reason why Cano is playing in the furthest reaches of the United States and about as far away to NYC as it gets.

On December 12th, 2013 Cano and the Mariners finalized the deal and his career as a Yankee was over. No more “Dont’cha know Cano” radio calls, no more silky smooth swings from the left side of the plate, and no more slick fielding with his patented on the run throw across his body to 1st plays. Just like that gone and shipped all the way to where people love their coffee and sling fish around for fun.

He left the Yanks for an insane amount of money, can ya blame him, no. You would be crazy to turn down $240 million.

But for what the Yankees did offer him, still a damn good deal AND he would of easily became the greatest 2nd basemen to EVER play for the Yankees if he kept up his current pace of play.

Can you blame him for that either… no. No because he simply doesn’t care about the Tradition and Legacy that the yankees have. He is your typical Modern Day Era baseball player, most money for as many years. He really could care less about being the face of the New York Yankees for the next 10 years, having his name mentioned along other Yankee greats (you know who they are), having his # retired someday, and so on and so forth.

Playing in NYC has it’s benefits, just look at any billboard in Times Square or a popular magazine. Endorsements, advertisements, public appearances, ALL of these things are available to a super star athlete ESPECIALLY one playing for the Yankees. You honestly think you would have a bigger turn out of fans in Seattle than you would in New York City…. I’ll let you answer that one.

Listen, I think there are still a few players out there that you know want to stay loyal to a franchise and will want to see that franchise succeed with them being the face of said franchise… Cano clearly didn’t want that.

I’m going to cheer for Cano during his first at bat. He’s earned that much for his time as a Yankee. But after that ab, all bets are off. He is an opponent and should be treated as such. He will get booed and rightfully so. So Robbie, it was a great ride for 9 years and it was a pleasure watching you perform but I pray you don’t win a single championship in Seattle.

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2013 New York Yankees Tickets

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James Holmes

James Holmes

Last weekend an unthinkable act unfolded in Aurora, Colorado. During the midnight screening of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, a young man entered a movie theatre and unloaded countless rounds of bullets and shot randomly into a crowd of unsuspecting movie-goers. People franticly rushed out of the movie theatre but not before this man took the lives of a dozen American Citizens. When police arrived on the scene, the suspect was quickly apprehended and taken into custody. It was at this time that the suspect warned the police that he “booby trapped” his apartment and that it was filled with explosives. Needless to say, this individual had just committed one of the largest mass murders in recent US History.

This is when we ask ourselves… WHY? Was he motivated by the recent Batman movies, after all he did refer to himself as the popular villian “The Joker”. If this was in fact the case, then i’m going to say this as blunt as possible. THIS current generation, MY Generation is a sad one. For anyone to think that they have the right, the privilege, the FREEDOM to go out, purchase weapons (legally or not) and use them against our OWN AMERICAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS is down right sickening. Yes, it is written in the constitution that Americans have the right to “bear arms” but lets be honest. This generation is clearly corrupted by the daily corruption and violence that has almost become an after thought in all of our lives! I’m not saying everyone single young person is corrupt but over the past 10+ years, we have had multiple incidents where peoples lives have ended and/or wounded because of younger people who have clearly lost their minds and decided to commit these heinous crimes.

We are at WAR America. 9/11 happened because of terrorist acts against our Country. If for whatever reason you have to urge to pick up any type of weapon, do it in the name of our Country, in the name of Liberty, Freedom, and Patriotism. One of my good friends just enlisted for the Army and it’s a very humbling feeling to see someone close to me dedicate and commit themselves to such an honorable responsibility. We need young people like that for this generation… not these sick individuals who go out and put our great Country to shame committing these acts.

This horrible person needs to be locked away for the rest of his life and let him rot in a cell, alone. How you could do something to INNOCENT people is an absolute travesty. Let us be reminded that in times like this we need to stand as One Nation, as One People.

Tony Bracco- Graphic Designer

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